Are you brave enough to ride a MOUNTAIN bike? Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult but the hard work pays off !

You are invited to the 1st Bicycle Tour organized in Srinjine on 20.05.2018.

The Tour will start in front of the chapel of Sv. Alojzije Stepinac at 18:30 hours and is divided in 2 stages:



1st stage: Chapel of Sv. A.S., Jurčići, Bazen,  Sridivica, N. Višnjica, Chapel of Sv. A.S.

2nd stage: Chapel of Sv. A.S., Jurčići, Mužinići, Kravar, Gaj, through the creek, the chapel of Sv. A.S.

The expected end of the bicycle tour is around 20:00 hrs afterwards we will enjoy the nature and hang out with some drinks and barbeque.

The registration fee is 20 kn.

You can apply for participation by contacting:

Miro Đapić (095/913 7257) 

Ivica Ordulj (091/274 1004) or



Have a Mountain Bike Fabulous Time! 




Did you forget to bring your own mountain bike or prefer to have a guide in exploring these fantastic mountain routes…?

Bikes of Dalmatia – Specialized & Cube MTB rental service with free home delivery,  is located right in Srinjine and stays at your disposal for any information, 24/7 technical and tour support.



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