While driving along Route Vilar and its surrounding cities and villages like Omiš, Split, Trogir, Podstrana, Srinjine, Žrnovnica and lots more, it could happen that you catch yourself in the  middle of a group of KANGOO’s or perhaps in a live Dance show right here on the street.

Don’t be afraid and don’t run away, just do whatever they do – HAVE FUN!

KANGOO Power is a new fitness program designed to build muscle strength and cardio-respiratory endurance at the same time. Not only will you maintain your fitness and stay FIT,  with KANGOO Power you will experience an all-new hop-hop experience! 🙂

ZUMBA fitness with Latin rhythms is already known all over the world. If you already are familiar with Zumba, make sure you stay tuned when visiting this area by following Facebook:

For all you newbies, take a look at the album and videos – it is contagious.

What is STEPS?

STEPS is an association welcoming everyone, it is a group of people who share the same interests – love towards exercise and dancing.
STEPS encourages a variety of recreational exercises to improve health and everyday life and habits of adults and children. It enables young people who are gifted to dance to get quality dance knowledge and skills and go to various competitions.

One of the very important goals of the STEPS association is to organize humanitarian events for the purpose of collecting money and other resources for all the people who need assistance and thereby helping other organizations.

Dance for a Cause 4 – 2016

More informatio on STEPsplit or http://stepsplit.com/

Thank you STEPsplit for sharing media files with Route Vilar!

Photos & Videos courtesy of: STEPSPLIT



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