Srinjine and the locals had a very busy year through 2017. Different Associations and individuals did their best and organized lot of events throughout the year and especially during December by creating a Christmas Spirit and bringing people together.

The Association “Udruga Tulipani” has been established couple of years ago with the aim of bringing together children of different ages and organizing children’s events and workshops that stimulate children’s creativity and imagination while spending time together.

Throughout December, they made Christmas ornaments, decorated Christmas trees, and organized a Christmas performance with recitations, songs and plays. This was organized and attended by children from 3 to 12 years.

The association called “Udruga Cvit Srinjina” was established in late 2016 with the main aim of preserving the tradition and cultural heritage of Srinjina. In addition, Udruga Cvit Srinjina actively participates in all other social events, and in December this year organized again “the arrival of St. Nicholas” for more than 90 children of Srinjina and surrounding villages.

A Christmas concert with traditional Christmas songs was also organized by Udurga Cvit Srinjina where as hosts performed the newly founded women’s singing chamber Đelože and the choir of Cvit Srinjina.

Based on the very positive experiences in 2017 and the great response of the locals, we look forward having new events in 2018.

In our photo album, you can view a cross-section of events throughout the year 2017.

See you soon!

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